Christianity Broken

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Haven’t you ever had thoughts where you struggled with your faith/ Christianity?  You had thoughts of despair, hopelessness and frustration as you’ve endeavored to faithfully walk in Christianity; even when you thought it wasn’t really working for you.  Others, like you, did everything that they knew to do.  They gave generously or as they felt implied.  They prayed, fasted, and diligently sought the face of the Lord only to remain troubled and overwhelmed by the things which were coming against them; seemingly never being able to rise above it.

There was always a token encouragement from those watching you struggle.  They applauded your efforts and cheered you on with encouraging words like, “hang in there you can do it,” “be strong,” “have faith,” “lean on the Lord,” etc.  But you didn’t feel that any of that helped.  Your feelings were wrapped around your failures, disappointments and self imposed unworthiness.  While you experienced broken and dysfunctional relationships, the encouragement of well meaning church members provided little comfort.  Well you are not alone.  This is the same heart cry of many children of God.

Multitudes are drinking water from wells that are not springing up into everlasting life.  Their wells are stagnant, filled with death.  But they continue to come back to the same old well.  They feel trapped and helpless, desiring water that’ll quench their spiritual thirst, but find none.  They reason that drinking water from the well of Christianity, even in its broken state, is better than dying of thirst.  So it continues.

There are a great many people who have heard about the well that springs up into everlasting life, but they don’t know how to acquire it.  It sounds wonderful, but something which is completely unattainable to them, like the mythical fountain of youth.  It’s a well springing up somewhere for someone, but it’s certainly not springing up inside them.  Its location remains and appears to be a tightly guarded secret.

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