Rock Solid Truth Orphanage in Nairobi Kenya

This is one of the six orphanages that the Lord has given us the privilege of being a blessing to. Rock Solid Truth is not only blessing these children with food to sustain them in the natural but is also … Continued

Orphans Eating

It is always such a blessing for me to see the faces of children that are happy, well-fed, safe, and secure. One of the desires of Rock Solid Truth is to rescue as many children as possible and to find … Continued

Church Ministry Opportunities

Greetings to all our brothers, sisters, and ministries in Christ.  I have been blessed to preach in many countries in the world the Good News of the Gospel and other special revelations given me by the Holy Spirit, which have … Continued

Rock Solid Truth Int. Feeding Program – Kenya, Africa

I have a couple of wonderful testimonies concerning two villages located in Kenya Africa, where we have recently started village feeding programs. The feeding program only just started a few months ago when we received a desperate plea from Florence … Continued


Whenever we, as children of God, feel that we have done something wrong, our natural tendency is to condemn ourselves. The word of God, however, instructs us to “assure our hearts” before him. Please read the following scripture… I John … Continued


We traveled to Kingston, Duanville Tylani, and Montego Bay, Jamaica on three occasions engaging in crusades and ministering in churches.

Costa Rica

We traveled to San Jose, Costa Rica to minister in churches and share the gospel with people with addictions.


We have traveled to Madras, India, staying for ten days to conduct nightly crusades. During the day, we ministered through outreach organizations.


We traveled to Africa and many people were blessed and recieved Salvation. An entire village received Christ as their Savior, including the Chief — Praise God!