To acquaint you with a dire need for the peoples and rural villagers of Monrovia, Liberia and Kenya, Africa, I have included a photo of the well in rural Liberia from which many hundreds of villagers use daily for their water source. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. These poor villagers have no choice but to drink and provide water for cooking from putrid wells and streams. They also use the same water sources for bathing and washing clothes.

I had no idea of their plight until I saw it for myself. That convinced me that Rock Solid Truth International had to do something about this problem right now. No wonder there is so much sickness and disease among these poor people, as you well imagine.

Drilling new wells is all but impossible since most villagers are in such remote areas. There are no real roads, only deeply rutted cart paths. Therefore, vehicles have no access for getting any kind of drilling equipment to the site. Even if it were possible, these villagers are so very poor, they would have no way to finance such a task. These villagers must locate water by hand digging shallow wells as these by using
crude implements. Some villages, depending on location, are able to find streams, but they are no less dirty and contaminated. As you imagine, every person and animal needs water, so they share the same water sources. Until recently, and thankfully with the aid of modern technoloy that can now change.

What can you do to help?

We have done research to find the best possible ways to purify the water they do have from these wells and streams. It’s called LifeStraw. A Youtube link is included so you can see for yourself LifeStraw water purification device that we believe is an answer to their prayers. This piece of equipment that is entirely affordable and readily available for distribution to this rural areas just mentioned.

Rock Solid Truth International will purchase these units as financial gifts are received and see that they are distributed where most needed. Pictures will be posted on our web site showing the LifeStraw in use.


Bless you in Jesus’ name.

Donald K Grooms, Pastor, Evangelist, and Author