This book is a must read for those who are hungering and thirsting for his righteousness. You will be amazed at the relationship and depths of intimacy that is available to you through what He has already done for you through Salvation
Your soul will rejoice at the new found freedom and revelation knowledge that awaits you through Him

Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Welcome to Rock Solid Truth, the word of God “straight shot”. We pray that this will be the beginning of a fulfilling, life-long relationship with your loving and heavenly Father and his son the Lord Jesus Christ. God intended from the beginning for all of us to truly know and understand through his word, the width, length, depth, and height of his love.
Our purpose at Rock Solid Truth is to distribute this “bread to life” to the hungry. We all long for the fullness of his promises to manifest themselves in our lives. God’s truths are not for the casual or comfortable believer, but for those seeking the deep things of God. He longs for us to know that we are free, healed, delivered and prosperous through his wonderful salvation and the Word. God is faithful and he will complete the good work he has begun in you. This ministry will teach you how to establish your relationship with the Lord by sharing truths confirmed by the word of God that will literally change your life.
Rock Solid Truth brings forth the gospel while filling your mind with knowledge. This knowledge will allow you to understand that his word is sufficient. Through revelation of who you are in him, you will begin to taste and see the rich goodness that comes from our Father and come to realize that you are complete and filled with the all the fullness of God.
Our paths have crossed today for a purpose. God understands the longings of your heart and your desire for the purity of his word. God desperately longs to be heard and sought after by his children but very few come to the fountain. In order to be truly satisfied, we must have an intimate relationship with God and his son, Jesus Christ. It is a privilege and an honor to share these precious truths of his life with those hungering and thirsting for the “fresh and living water of his sustaining grace”. Sharing these truths brings great joy to us and we know you will be forever changed as we have been. May God richly bless the truths you hear through our ministry.

Pastor and Evangelist, D.K. Grooms